Student Handbook

Transfer Admission Policy

Transfer Among TCATs

Those students who wish to transfer to another Tennessee College of Applied Technology will need to consult with the Student Services Office concerning the date they expect to enroll in their new Tennessee College of Applied Technology. Students transferring from Tennessee College of Applied Technology must follow the records policy to have their records sent to other institutions. Financial aid records do not automatically follow students; please see Financial Aid personnel for assistance.

Transfer Among Programs

It is expected there will be very limited transfer between programs since every attempt is made to place the student into a suitable area at the time of initial enrollment. When a student who is currently enrolled needs to transfer to a new training program because of a change in career objectives, the Student Services Office will coordinate with the instructors and the student in making the transition to another program and in ensuring the change is appropriate to the student's interests and qualifications. Students must have a passing average in the program they desire to transfer from before the transfer will be considered. When the transfer choice is made, the President must approve the transfer. It is expected that generally this will occur during the first term of the student's training.

Transfer from another Nursing Program

Students who have completed nursing courses at another nursing program and seek to enter the program in the second term of the Tennessee College of Applied Technology nursing program may apply for enrollment. The application process for transfer students includes:

  • Submit completed application for enrollment.
  • Submit official copy of high school transcript or high school equivalency.
  • Submit official transcript from previous nursing education program.
  • Submit proof of at least a 850 score on each of the HESI end of course exams for the term(s) that are being granted credit. The costs of the HESI exams are the responsibility of the applicant. If an applicant has had the HESI end of course exams within the previous two years, an official copy of the test results can be provided in lieu of retesting.
  • The first term must not have been completed more than two years prior to admission. The application process, including passing the required HESI® exams, must be completed at least six weeks before the start date of the term for which the student is applying.

Applicants will be accepted to the program based on classroom space and clinical availability. If all application materials are received, acceptance is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority is given to previous Tennessee College of Applied Technology students seeking re-enrollment.

After notification of conditional acceptance to the program, the following items required by clinical sites must be completed and submitted prior to enrollment:

  • Satisfactory drug screen within the previous six months,
  • Satisfactory criminal background screening within the previous six months,
  • Proof of current CPR certification, and
  • Up-to-date physical/immunizations.

Transfer of Student Records from Other Institutions

All transfer applicants are considered on an ongoing basis. Transcripts documenting clock hours of attendance, grades, and skills mastered are reviewed for credit, time, and placement. Transfer students are admitted when space is available and admission requirements are met.


Prior Learning Assessment/Transfer Credit

After assessment of previous education, training and/or experience the student will be enrolled in training at the student's documented proficiency level. The time normally required for training will be shortened accordingly.

  1. Students may request an evaluation of credit for prior education/training or experiences to satisfy courses in a program of study offered by the college. Sources of prior credit include:
  2. Credit from other colleges (TCATs, Community Colleges, Universities, and Proprietary Trade Schools)
  3. Early Postsecondary Opportunities (EPSO) credit (Dual Credit, Dual Enrollment, Industry Certifications, AP, etc…)
  4. Credit for military training and experience
  5. Non-military work experience
  6. ACT transcript
  7. National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC)
  8. Completion of Learning Support Competencies through the Seamless Alignment and Integration of Learning Support (SAILS) program

Requests for prior credit evaluation are processed by Student Services and college faculty, who make recommendations for the number of hours that may be awarded to a student.

Overall Process

Student Notification

During orientation or initial meeting with Student Services personnel or a School Certifying Official (SCO), students are notified of the process to request consideration of prior credit applicable to their program of study. A student is required to submit another consideration of prior credit when switching academic programs.

Requesting Review of Prior Credit

A student completes the Prior Credit Evaluation (PCE) Request form. If the student is unable to initiate the request, Student Services may initiate the request form upon request from the student.  

  • Applicable documentation must be attached to the request form or submitted to the Student Services office. Documentation may include but is not limited to:
    • DD214
    • Joint Services Transcript (JST)
    • Any additional prior transcripts
    • Documentation of prior work experience may include:
    • Workplace training certificate
    • Employee training records
    • Letter on company letterhead signed by an appropriate official (containing contact information for verification)

Awarding Prior Credit

To verify a student’s proficiency level, a programmatic proctored assessment or skills demonstration exam may be administered by the college. Approved transfer credit hours will be applied to the student’s transcript when the Prior Credit Evaluation (PCE) Request has completed the review process and proctored assessments or skills demonstration exams have been scored with a passing result.


The Tennessee College of Applied Technology is committed to helping our students achieve more advanced degrees. Students who have documented classroom hours or experience in technical areas offered by the Tennessee College of Applied Technology may receive advanced placement at subsequently attended institutions of higher education based on a competency-based test or a review of Tennessee College of Applied Technology transcripts. To receive more information on current articulation agreements, please contact the Student Services Office.