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Placement Tests and Transfer Credits

Technology Foundations/Technical College Learning Support

All new students must complete the WorkKeys Curriculum Placement Tests to assess their current skill levels in applied mathematics, graphic literacy, and reading for information. The results of these placement tests will determine if students need to attend a Technology Foundations class to improve math and/or reading skills. Students will work at their own place and exit the program once they achieve a designated skill level.

Credit for Previous Training/Work Experience

Training completed in high school or at technical institutes, colleges and other training situations, such as business, industry, and the military, will be evaluated toward completion requirements where applicable. In order to request credit for previous training, students may be asked to provide one or more of the following:

  • Testing: The program instructor may request that the student demonstrate proficiency through oral or written exams, and/or skill performance.
  • Transcripts: The program instructor will review the student’s official educational transcripts and grant credit for previous coursework as appropriate.

Prior Credit Evaluation Process

When a student requests credit for prior education/training or experiences, a few sources of prior credit may be reviewed by instructors for recommendation for the student to receive credit towards a course in a program of study offered by the college. 

Prior Credit Evaluation Request Form


Policy on Student Transfers and Prior Credit Awards

TCAT Jackson students requesting to transfer to another program within the college must first discuss the request with the Coordinator of Student Services. The Coordinator of Student Services can approve the transfer request, if space is available in the program. Relevant courses completed in the original program, including Technology Foundations, can be applied for credit in the new program.

Previous educational training and/or experience at other accredited institutions will be evaluated (via official transcript) by the Student Services Coordinator and the receiving program’s instructor. TCAT Jackson reserves the right to require a competency test to validate the competencies learned/earned at another (non-TCAT) institution. The student will then be enrolled in training at the student’s proficiency level.

Training completed at other Tennessee Colleges of Applied Technology (verified via official transcripts) will be accepted and relevant course credit will be applied to the student’s TCAT Jackson training program and the student’s transcript.